(Due to privacy concerns, hubs will be sporting sunglasses)


So the other day, the hubs and I decided to try a restaurant called Pidgin that some of our friends have been raving about for our date night. Before I get into how spectacular it was, let me just say that getting ready for date night with a 5 month old baby is just…… oh… how do I put it… EXHAUSTING!

If our dinner reservation is for 8 pm, the entire getting ready process will start at around 4 pm. What exactly does it entail that would take 4 hours you ask? Well, let me break it down for ya.

Feed baby. Change baby. One of us holds baby while the other showers. Switch. Since I take longer to get ready and want to look like I’m “bringing sexy back”, Hubs looks after baby. I try to concentrate on putting on my makeup while baby is screaming her head off in the background. I give in and go console baby with half my face on. Give baby back to hubs and pump out my milk for her next feed. Finish makeup and hair and put on dress. Baby just pooped. I change baby’s diaper while Hubs changes into his sexy self. As I reach for a clean diaper after I’ve finished wiping her bum, out squirts more poop. I’m talking projectile poop shoot. omg. My dress. OMG! I cant even. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I thought you were done pooping!


Startled from my shriek, she starts crying. Sigh.. this is so not sexy right now. I get Hubs to clean up and finish putting diaper on while I try to rinse off the poo and look for a new outfit. Baby is settled but is now time to feed. Again. Its 5:30 pm. We have half an hour to wrap up and leave the house since it takes us an hr to drive to the city. (not to mention, another hr to drive back and the chore to remove my makeup and repeat baby process all over again with the miracle that she sleeps so that I can finally crawl into my Sweet. Warm. Comfortable. Quiet BED! Streeeeeetch~~Im sorry hubs, but right now sleepy time is more important than sexy time). Honestly, it is just too much work. The process is aging me! Instead of looking like this

hair flip


I feel like I look like this.


old lady

Anyway, enough with the venting and back to actually reviewing the restaurant! I do want to mention though that once we sat down at Pidgin with our wine glass and appy… it was heavenly. (To all my fellow parents out there. I am here to tell you that it IS worth it. All that work for a mere 2 hrs of wine and dine is worth it. for both your sanity. Do it. Dooooooo it.)

So Pidgin, contrary to it’s name does not serve pigeons (silly me, all this time I thought they did and I kept telling hubs that I didn’t want to go eat no pigeons!) and is actually a Japanese fusion restaurant. Mmmm. My fave!! I have a weak spot for Japanese tapas, so imagine how excited I was to try this new Japanese influenced eatery!

When we walked in, the place was a fair size with calming lights and simple décor. The waiter was quite attentive and we quickly ordered several dishes before we turned hangry. (Hangry is hungry and angry combined into one word. Your welcome. For the explanation).

First came the “veal tonnato” appy which by the way I thought was some kind of tomato dish.

Waiter: “I highly recommend the veal tonnato.

Me: “I don’t like tomato”.

Hubs: “Oh is it popular? Sure we’ll try that”

Me: “I said I hate tomato!”

Waiter: “Maam, its not made of tomatos, its called Veal “tonnato”

Me: “Well, why would you call it tomato if its not made of tomato? Its misleading”

Waiter: “It’s tonnato! An Italian word. TONNATO!”

Me: “Ohhh…………. Yes, we’ll try that one”.


(Honestly, even my autocorrect thought it was tomato and corrected it as I am typing tonnato as we speak! So im not the only weird one here. Thanks.)

Veal Tonnato (tomato) was very tasty!! If you like ahi tunas and tuna tataki’s, you will love this dish. Please note, I won’t get into too much detail describing each dish as it will just take forever, so for ingredients, please refer to


Next we tried this mushroom appy below and it was also quite good especially if you are a mushroom lover. The focus on these mushrooms was that they were sautéed in butter. Oozing with butter. Driiiip.


Finally our entrée’s came! Mine was the beef brisket while hubs had the spiced lamb belly. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with my dish. It was literally 3 pieces of beef brisket slices and some beet sauce slapped onto the plate. Errrr… where are my potatoes and veggies?? Not cool. Plus the brisket was a bit too dry for my liking. Since I wasn’t satisfied with my dish, I jacked a bite of his lamb and THAT was actually pretty good! A bit gamey but if you like lamb, you will LOVE this!

beef lamb


Since the portions were quite small, we had room for dessert and ended up ordering their signature dessert, which was their ONLY dessert as well.


It was not bad. Very different from normal desserts. If you do try it, I recommend spooning half citrus and half merengue with a scoop of coconut flakes. It’s supposed to tantalize your taste buds. Oooohhhh….Me being the classy lady that I am grabbed the first blob of yellow in front of me and popped it in my mouth. Yech. So sour!

Me: “Babe, this desert is very citriusy. I dunno if I like it”.

Hubs: ”You are supposed to combine the merengue cream  with the citrus cream and coconut flakes to balance the taste:.

Me: “Ohhhhhh…hehe. You so classy hunny! Yes, much Better.”



If you have room in your belly, try the dessert! And remember… gotta mix the flava’ssssss.




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