Before reading the following, please note that I am by no means an expert in makeup nor have I had any training. The following review is just my humble opinion from experience and my  two cents on some of the products I’ve used. Enjoy!

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It’s not every day that i get to find CHEAP but EFFECTIVE makeup that I can use in my everyday routine. They say “sharing is caring” so after discovering NYX makeup, I thought to share my top 3 products that I’ve learned to absolutely love!!


1. Makeup Remover

One of the reasons why I was even mildly interested in the NYX line was actually from their makeup remover. I was on a search to find the golden egg of makeup removers and had heard pretty good reviews on it. After trying on dozens of makeup removers in my early 20’s I had given up resorting to baby oil to wipeoff my heavy eyeliner. The makeup removers I tried in the past were either too oily, too watery, too smelly, or just didn’t work at all. Maybe I was shopping in the wrong section. Either way, I thought makeup removers were a waste of money. Enter, NYX makeup remover…Can we say A-mazing?! It was perfect  for my acne proned skin, not too oily, smelly or watered down. With one wipe, my smokey eye makeup disappeared from my face! (Ok, maybe you have to wipe it off a couple of times, but nevertheless it worked. And it worked well!) The best part was that I paid $9.99 for it. A keeper for sure!

2. Powder Foundation

The next product that I absolutely love is the compact foundation/powder. Not only does it cover well but it is CHEAP!! I’ve tried MAC, DIOR, Benefit, Clinique, etc… and let me tell you, those companies are out to make me homeless. $40-50 for a compact foundation is about the average price. Im sorry, but that is a date night meal for me!  I don’t know about you, but I cannot afford to keep spending that much. The worst is when summer rolls around and you lay out in the sun to get that glowing tan and realize you need to buy a darker shade of compact so that your face is also matchy matchy. So what to do… do I dig into my wallet to pull out another crisp $50 bill to buy that  “tanned” compact from benefit? Oh hellz no! Enter, NYX compact/foundation! With just $12.99 you can purchase a tan coloured compact! (This totally sounds like a sales pitch…—..—NYX should pay me for this. Lol) Anyway, that’s right for $13, NYX compact not only glides onto your skin and covers your skin insecurities but the colour is purrrfect for all my Asian sistas, if you nawwatmsayin! I used to use benefit’s medium tan compact and I found it to have a red/pink tinge to it. The nyx that im currently using has a more yellow/golden tone that better matches my skin colour! You definitely get your money’s worth!

3. Wonder Pencil Concealer

The last product that I will be reviewing is the wonder pencil aka concealer of the year! I love it so much I got all three shades – Light, Medium, Dark! This multipurpose pencil can be used in so many ways. What is so spectacular about this you ask? Well, let me break it down for you. 1. You can use it as a concealer.  A little smudge goes a long ways. I usually just draw a circle on my blemish and then fill in the spot. Of course, don’t forget to blend or you are going to look like you have chicken pox all over your face. 2. You can use it for contouring. (I am guilty of contouring my nose to get that desired “highbridge” that many Koreans long for.  Some will go to extremes and get surgery to achieve it. That is insane right there.

before after

I might have considered it as well but for one, im broke, two I am scared of knives and three, why do surgery when you have wonder pencils on your side? (I am really starting to sound like a sales agent for nyx makeup. Lol. They should pay me for this or give me free makeup!! *cough *cough) 3. It is easy to carry around. Since this concealer is shaped exactly like an eyeliner, it doesn’t take too much space and fits into any purse! Anyway, yes I love love wonder pencils. And the best part is that it is CHEAP!!! Only $5.99! It doesn’t get better than that in the land of makeup ladies.

Anyway, as you can see the common reoccurring theme on my product reviews is just how CHEAP they are but yet so effective! Discovering NYX makeup has been pretty awesome, especially since being on mat leave has shrunk my financial pool to that of a puddle.


Goodbye Sephora, Hello NYX!