Hello beautiful people! Its been a while since my last blog but Im back in town after a month of travel and with jet lag and the whole city of Vancouver asleep at 3 in the morning, I’ve decided to blog about my adventures in Africa. Finally, I was able to visit my home again after leaving Nairobi 14 years ago. I was lucky enough to be able to take my daughter and husband to show them the beautiful country that i grew up in. Kenya was where i spent my childhood to teenage years and going back to visit after all these years brought back mixed emotions. Showing my husband the school I attended, the house I used to live in, the streets I played on, the local snacks I ate was another experience on its own. A lot has changed, yet some things still remain the same. He still cant get over the fact that I used to play in the slums of Mathare with local kids when I was a small child (He checked it out first hand with my dad on our second day of arrival).

Even I have a hard time believing, I grew up here as a child… My school uniform was green.
Slums of Mathare, still the same…

This is where i picked up Swahili and learned it fluently. After all these years I am amazed at myself for still remembering the language and used it to bargain like a crazy old lady at the ever so popular Maasai markets (A local african market that sells a variety of kenyan souvenirs). If you are ever in Nairobi, check out Village Market on Fridays. This is where you will find many street vendors selling their goodies at outrageous prices that you should not fall for. My advice is whatever price they quote you, divide that by 2 and then bargain your way down from that price.

bargained a dress here!
maasai market

Anyway, I can go on about my adventures in Kenya as there is so much to share but I’ve decided to break it down into different parts to fully highlight several places I’ved visited, starting with Lake Naivasha.

Must Visit Places In Kenya: Lake Naivasha

Hippos literally an arms reach away… although not recommended to go that close.

Want to see some animals but a safari is not within your budget? No problem. Lake Naivasha, a freshwater lake is home to many animals, hippos included. Here, you will be able to take a morning stroll with giraffes and zebras grazing nearby or hop on a boat to intimately see schools of hippos, pelicans and other species of birds.

prettiest monkey i’ve seen!
naivasha 2
wildlife roaming around our backyard hotel

Just a two hour drive from Nairobi, we stayed at the Sopa resort in Naivasha. For families with children and babies, I highly recommend staying here for a pleasant and comfortable experience. As i was traveling with a baby, comfort and convenience was my number one priority.

boating with my love

Although it was a bit pricey to stay at Sopa, it was worth every penny! We stayed only for one night but really you pretty much see everything within your two day, one night stay here. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included and I must say the food was actually quite decent. The suites are individual luxury huts that assemble next to each other and is so close to the animals, sometimes a giraffe will peer through your second floor patio. How cool is that? (No giraffe on our window unfortunately). I wanted a selfie with one of the giraffes but apparently i was too short so i had to settle for the giraffe to appear in the background. After dropping off our luggage to our suites, we had lunch and got ready to jump on a boat to see hippos. Im talking about seeing 50 hippos within the one hour boat ride. None of that, oh I see one or two hippos sticking their head above water nonsense. You are definitely not at a zoo. The hour boat ride was perfect with a baby. Not too long and not too short for my daughter to get restless. In addition, I loved the fact that the boat was shaded! Overall, we were quite impressed with Lake Naivasha from our comfortable hotel to the intimate wildlife viewing. Pictures need no explaining, check it out!

Giraffes hanging out nearby
view from our balcony
Giant pool at Sopa resort. Unfortunately, they close at 6 pm.. with good reason since mosquitos come out to play in the evening.
our suites!
Even their mosquito nets were well done!
hotel lobby
one school of hippos out of the many that we saw
These pelicans were gigantic!
blue heron
Another school of hippos – different family
water buffalo with her baby

Lake Naivasha is a must see when you visit Kenya. Check back at next week for my next post: Must See Places in Kenya – Maasai Mara!



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