“You know, I almost friend-zoned you once.” I joked, while munching on some kimchi fried rice that I whipped up for dinner. Without flinching, Hubs retorted, “Apparently you didn’t do a very good job since you my baby mama”. Ok, fine. You win. Lets just eat our dinner in peace. I wasn’t sure where I was going with that remark but it was the start of an interesting dinner discussion which inspired me to write a blog about it.

“You’ve been friend-zoned.” is not something anyone, male or female wants to hear. Sometimes, you might not even know that you have been friend-zoned.

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Here are 5 signs that you’ve been friend-zoned (This is from the female point of view). Fella’s take notes.

1. She puts absolutely no effort on her appearance when meeting up with you. Sweat pants, hat, no makeup, check. “Just woke up. Lets go eat!”



2. She insists on going dutch after a meal. In fact, she will be pissed if you pay for the bill. “Don’t even think about it. We are splitting this.”



3. She asks you to run errands for her. “Do you mind stopping by walmart and grabbing me some tampons? Thaaanks! You’re the best!”


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4. You ask her if she wants to come to your work party and she exclaims, “Sure! Can I also bring my girlfriend?  and my brother? oh, and my dog?” Lets thrown in your cat as well.


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5. She’s constantly trying to set you up on a date with anyone but her. “omagawsh I know a perfect girl for you! She’s…”



If this sounds familiar, congratulations you have been friendzoned! Unless you would like to remain there, let me suggest one tip that might help you dig yourself out of the black hole. (Consider me your ally from the estrogen team). TAKE INITIATIVE!

1. Even if she comes out wearing a potato sack, you dress like you are James Bond! Dress so fine that you’ll put her to shame. Of course, use common sense. If you are meeting up at a coffee shop, don’t show up in a tux. Dressing well doesn’t always mean formal attire. Just well put together. Don’t look like a slob.

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2. Ignore her and pay for the bill anyway. Girls like guys that take the lead. At least I do. hehe but since I’m already spoken for, I will vouch for my girlfriends. They agree with me.

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3. Not only do you grab tampons but also pick up some flowers. Unless the girl has been living in a cave, she will know what those flowers mean.

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4. Let her know that you will also be inviting your friends. The more the merrier but your friend (the wingman) better be prepared to take one for the team!

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5. Last but not least, be firm!  and confess. haha. yes I said it. Don’t beat around the bush. Wouldn’t you rather put yourself out of misery and just KNOW? Deal with it like a boss!

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