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If my house was burning and I had to run in and grab 3 items, they would be my phone, my wallet and my lashes. (Note that my husband and baby would already be waiting for me outside, incase you were wondering if I’d be rescuing my family as well. Obviously they would be first on my list but we are talking about items here. Not that it really matters because this is really a hypothetical question and the chances of my house burning down is… well let’s just hope that it never happens).

Anyway, that’s right I said lashes as my third item to carry out. I mean a girl’s gotta look good even when running away from death.

giphyThe point is, lashes are a must-haves for me, even in the face of danger. We are like the ying and yang, like bonnie and clyde, like strawberries and cream. We compliment each other. It is my obsession. I was not born with beautiful natural long lashes like some of you. It might have to do with the part that I am Asian but who cares if you don’t have it, fake it! Now, I might sound pretty high maintenance but I assure you really I am not.  Name brand purses? No thanks. (Its advertising to be robbed.) Expensive dresses? Waste of money! (go to forever 21 and pick up a $20 dress!)  New Hairdo? This happens once a year.  Cake on the makeup? I don’t want to look like a clown. I just have an obsession with lashes. That is all. Really, all I need is a good compact and a pair of lashes and I am Good. To. Go! So anyway, having taught my friends and sisters how to put on fake lashes (yes, I take full credit for their transformation. Thank you. Thank you. Lol) here is a quick tutorial on how to put on falsies effectively. It takes me about a minute to put them on. If it’s your first time, it will take you a bit longer but remember practice makes perfect ladies…. err and gents!

eyelash 2 eyelash 3 eyelash 1

1. Buy your desired lash brand. Yes, you will need to spend a couple dollars to buy lashes as this is crucial for this tutorial. There are some DIY lashes that I’ve seen people make at home but errr just go out and buy one. I highly recommend as you don’t want to look like you have spider legs hanging from your lids. (I use benefit lashes for a night out and this Japanese brand – Diamond Lashes –  I discovered at crystal mall for a daytime look)   

benefit lash
Benefit Eyelashes

Diamond Lash

2. Remove lash from box and measure the length of the lash horizontally with the length of your eyelid. If the lash is longer than the length of your lash line, you’ll need to cut the lash to match its length. Be sure to cut from the outer edge of the lash, meaning the longer part not the short. I hope this makes sense.

3. Distribute a thin layer of glue onto the lash strip and wait 20 seconds to dry. Otherwise you’ll have glue smeared all over your eyes. And by thin I really do mean very thin. Do not dump half the tube of glue on the strip. A little goes a long way.

4. Starting from the outer corner of the eye, follow your lash line by gently pressing the strip as close to your natural lash lids as possible. This is important as the idea is to create an “oh, you have beautiful full lashes! What mascara did you use?!” we don’t want to go for, “I think you have hair growing on your eyelids…wtf”.

5. To ensure your falsies have held hands with your natural lashes, use your index and thumb finger to pinch them together starting from the outer corner of the eye and working inwards. This will create a more natural look and works more effectively than the eyelash curler.

6. Take your mascara and work it like you normally do with your natural lashes for a fuller look.Once the mascara has been applied, use your eyelash curler to curl them lashes. This will ensure your natural lash and your falsies sing that spice girls song, “when two become one~~” (Used to looove the spice girls. Lol “tell me what you what you really really want!” awesome song. Sorry off topic.)

7. Mission accomplished. Tada~~ You are now ready to show off your new and improved eyelashes to the world. You can tell will.iam that, “I got it from my mama!” Actually you got if from the genius inventors of falsies… but the key here is to make it look like you own it! Now go and work it girl!

I’m sure there are already hundreds of lash tutorials out there in cyberspace but this is my version and hope that you enjoyed reading it!



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