Born in Korea, Raised in Kenya, Living in Canada.


Welcome to my Blog! My name is Ess (short for Esther). I am a mommy, a wifey, an adventurer, an aspiring secret service agent, a kpop fan ajumma, a makeup junkie, and blogger. I have an obsession with fruits, things that smell nice and my two beautiful daughters. I believe that coffee makes everything better and that the world needs more kind people.

Some random facts about me…

I am a Korean gal who:

  • Speaks Swahili. Random language. I know. “Hakuna Matata!”
  • Loves to play sports and i kind of don’t suck. Basketball, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, etc… I might not look that athletic but I grew up playing team sports. Living in Kenya, theres not much to do so my social life revolved around sports and after school programs. 
  • Is in love with Travel. Growing up internationally, travel is a naturally formed addiction. #tckproblems (tck stands for third cultured kids)
  • Has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Ok, so I didn’t make it to the top. But I did make it to the first camp ground! Yay me! Adventure was my middle name… now its just MOM.

I am here to share my thoughts, rambles and reviews of my life. I am not a professional writer, makeup guru, counselor, or a professional of anything really. This blog is an avenue I’ve taken to freely express myself and a break from the crazy world of baby business. My spicy kimchi life. Your entertainment. Happy reading! #aboutthatkimchilife