Its been a painful week – physically and mentally – with a fussy teething baby, plugged milk ducts (So painful. Cry), a broken Samsung S3 (I have converted to the iPhone cult. Welcome me with open arms oh Apple followers!) and no sleep for this mama. Thus, i was tempted to skip this week’s blog post BUT i must stay committed to my small group of followers (Thanks for keeping up with my silly blog!) so here is this week’s post – a short and light read. Enjoy! 🙂

Lately I’ve been getting pretty bored with my hair. If its not down then its up in a pony tail. Not to mention, i rarely wear makeup since it is such a chore. However, I believe that it is healthy to get dolled up once in a while and get some fresh air. Otherwise, one starts to get cabin fever.

Here are 5 different hairstyles I tried this week to spice up my kimchi life.

1. Half down, Half up – Inspired by Drew Barrymore from the movie – Ever After. Simple, yet classy.

Drew Barrymore – Ever After

This is my sweet and innocent look.

2. Side Braid – Inspired from the hit Disney movie – Frozen, Elsa’s side braid has been the talk of the town! A subtle sexy but sweet look!

Elsa – Frozen

My Elsa imitation… I need longer hair. Blonde maybe?

3. Pigtails – Inspired by baby doll from the movie – Sucker Punch. Cute and fierce!

pigtail suckerpunch
Baby Doll – Sucker Punch


4. Updo – Inspired by Reese Witherspoon…who wore this updo on some hollywood gala (not in a movie). I love updos as they are easy to style and make any outfit look classy. One of my favourite hairstyles!

updo reese
Reese Witherspoon

Ess Kimchi

5. Hat – Inspired by myself. And if all fails and you can’t be bothered with styling. You can hide your hair and your face under a hat. Voila! Best accessory. Your welcome.


I hope you are somewhat inspired to try something different with your hair. But if you can’t be bothered, pony tail and hair down is totally A-ok! Because really, I can blog about the different hairstyles but at the end of the day who am i kidding… back to ponytail, no makeup, chilling with my sweatpants on kinda day. All day, Err day. Yep. Babies do that to you. Have one. Do it. Dooo it.



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