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Winter is here. Christmas is here. Spread the holiday cheer!

6 days till Christmas and 12 days till the new year. So the count down begins…

Aside from the obvious presents, gluttony, and endless dinner parties, the long holiday stretch also means sleeping in (not applicable to me because i have a 7 month old military baby that wakes me up at 8 am every morning), wearing pjs for several consecutive days and most importantly indulging in a tv marathon. To be honest, thats why i haven’t been able to do much lately as my eyes have been glued to my daughter and the tv simultaneously. Discovering a great tv show is like finding money on the streets. Such joy knowing that you have something to look forward to.


Below is a list of Tv shows/movies that I have thoroughly enjoyed watching and wanted to share since tis the season for giving and sharing. Merry Christmas!

1. Marco Polo – If you love epic movies/shows, here is another to add to your list. Its not Game of Thrones but with a mongolian army, a concubine spy and a dashing Venetian merchant; the characters and storyline will get you hooked. I am only on episode 4 so i have yet to finish the show but so far so good! You can watch this show on Netflix.


2. Suits – If you’ve not heard of Suits already, then I am here to tell you that this show is a must watch! How can you resist the charms of the witty, sarcastic and impeccably dressed Harvey Spector – a genius corporate attorney working for a top law firm in New York city. Harvey meets his match when he hires Mike Ross – a college dropout with a photographic memory. Together they are an unstoppable force. You can also watch Suits on Netflix. (Oh Netflix, how i love you so!)


3. Abnormal Summit (Korean Show) – Looking for something different? Try watching this humorous talk show featuring 11 foreigners from different countries debating various topics regarding society and culture in KOREAN. Thats right, they speak fluent Korean and they speak it better than me. How embarassing. This show is so fascinating i am hooked!! You can check out the first episode which has english subtitles here –

abnormal summit

4. Gentleman (Korean Show) – Another Korean show. Sorry but once you get into these korean shows you become addicted. This show has had very little exposure and i’m surprised that i stumbled across it. In short, it’s a hidden camera experiment in search of good samaritans in an often busy and indifferent world. Different societal issues are addressed in each episode by the 2 main hosts and they in turn create “what would you do?” scenarios with hidden cameras. I really enjoyed watching this and was sad that they cut the production to a mere 20 episodes. This show made me realize that the world is not all that bad and there are good people out there. Unfortunately, there is no english subtitles provided for this show but you can get a good idea of whats going on even without it. If you are interested you can check out the first episode here –


5. 200 Lb Beauty (Korean Movie) – Sorry, last Korean anything that i’d like to recommend.  Its all i’ve been watching lately. Hehe.  An oldie but a goodie!  This comedic movie is a classic to watch. Synopsis: 200 lb ugly duckling transforms into a 100 lb swan (thanks to the power of plastic surgery) and snags the love of her life. Theres more to the story line but that pretty much sums it up. A senseless romantic comedy that adds no value to your life but oh so entertaining and hilarious to watch. You can watch this with english subtitles here – Check it ouuuut.


Thats it folks. Enjoy the holidays! Just a kind reminder that Christmas is not all about presents, stuffing your face, and awesome parties but is a celebration of Jesus’ birth, hence CHRIST-mas. He is the reason for the season!

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a MERRY MERRY Christmas!

Much Love,


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