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You did it. You’ve finally convinced your lazy bum to hit the gym. You don’t remember the last time you worked out but you certainly remember how to use the treadmill. You hop on and start jogging to warm up. Your blood is pumping, your heart is racing, your endorphins are kicking in… “YESSSS! Now this is what Im talking about!! What a great decision I made!” You tell yourself. You step down from your 15 minute warmup full of energy ready to KILL it!

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Now what?

You’re standing in the middle of the gym and suddenly feel lost. You have no idea what to do next. The only exercise equipment you knew how to use was the treadmill. Suddenly you feel like all eyes are on you as you awkwardly hustle over to the dumbbell section.

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Walking into a gym can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience for a newbie. Chances are unless you are a personal trainer, have hired a personal trainer or have taken a personal training course, you have absolutely no idea what you are doing.

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But of course you don’t want to look like an amateur so you pick up those dumbbells and start curling. You saw it on Kanye’s workout music video. You know how it’s done son.

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Everyone can mimic but unless you know the technique to each exercise, your workout is ineffective and can lead to injury. For the longest time that’s what I did. Mimic. I never bothered to look up different types of exercises that would benefit me. Weight training? No thanks. That’s for body builders. If I just keep running on the treadmill, I’ll be able to lose my stubborn belly fat! Or so I thought.

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Ok Mr. Jack Sparrow, I was wrong. Although cardio workouts are great, weight training is the key to that sexy figure you’ve been wanting. Let me reiterate. WEIGHT TRAINING = Jessica Alba body. Bam! (Now we know her secret).


After giving birth to my daughter, I wanted to be rid of my pregnancy weight. Fast. So I hired a personal trainer from Body by Design to help me achieve this. My goal was to lose and tone my stomach and back fat.

The following are 3 exercises that I learned from Body by Design to bring this mama her sexy back! (Oh Hai there Justin Timberlake!)

1.Squats – Emphasis is on your derriere (all about that booty booty) but the rest of your body (including ABS) are targeted as well which makes this exercise an all time favorite!

  • Keep a tall posture with a tight core. Your feet should be hip width apart. Slowly bend your knees and your hips, lowering your body towards the floor. Push your butt back so most of your weight is on your heels (imagine you are hovering over a dirty toilet). Try to get your knees as close to 90 degrees as possible. Then squeeze your butt and stand back up. (Sets:2-3, Reps:8-10)

Notes: Knees should always be behind your toes and over top of your feet. Don’t let your knees cave inwards.

I can finally squat with a bar! (proud moment, right here). That’s an extra 35 lbs of weight!

2. Assisted Pull ups/dips – Emphasis is on your lats but also works your upper body. (A great exercise that might come in handy if you were to fall off a cliff one day and be dangling for dear life. Just saying… It could happen. You never know. Or if you want it to be a bit more realistic, how about a building? still not happening? Ok.. I was just sayin…).

  • Grab the bars with a wider than shoulder width grip, palms facing away from you. Tighten your core and let your arms fully straighten. Lead with your shoulder blades as if there were strings travelling between your shoulder blades and butt. Then pull yourself up with your arms, making sure your chin clears the bar.  Return back to the starting position in a controlled manner. (Sets: 2-3, Reps: 8-10)

Notes: Intensity always at 85% or 8.5/10

3. Deadlifts – Emphasis is on the lower back. (Can we say, “IM BRINGING SEXY BACK! WUT!” Whip out your credit card ladies cos we going shopping for a backless dress!)

  • Stand tall with your legs straight and feet about hip width apart. Maintain your long spine and straight back and keep your lower leg bone vertical while bending over using your hips to provide the motion. You should feel your butt move backwards as you bend over in order to counterbalance your weight. Lift through the hips on the way up. (Sets: 2-3, Reps: 8-10)

Notes: Don’t bend at the knees or the back while bending over. The only movement should be occurring at the hips.

There you have it my good people. No more faking it! You can hold your head high next time you step foot at the gym because you know EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

For more exercises or inquiries, please refer to www.bodybydesign.ca.



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