Happy 2015!

Happy New Year everyone! First, I wanted to apologize for the lack of blogging the past couple of weeks but this is because my baby is growing so fast i can barely keep up with her! She doesn’t sit still anymore and i have to chase after her as she’s discovered that she has arms and legs to move from point A to point B. Anyway, throw in the holidays and it was a busy month. I hope you understand. Second, I wanted to start the new year by blogging on a more personal level and share some of my thoughts, dreams and goals with y’all.

Spending the holidays with my sisters and our kids.

Parting with 2014 was a bit hard as it was an exceptionally special year for me. It was the year that i experienced the ups and downs of pregnancy as my husband and I prepared to welcome our daughter into this world. On May of 2014, our lives forever changed. Nothing could have prepared me for motherhood. Because despite all the baby books you read and the prenatal classes you take there is no formula. Every mother is different, every child is different and no journey is the same.

Lets just say if you can get through the first month with your newborn, you can get through anything! I experienced it all – sleep depravation, post partum depression, breastfeeding nightmare, crazed baby obsession… I literally broke down once a week and if it wasn’t for my patient and let me reiterate PATIENT, loving and supportive husband of mine, i think i would have flung myself off a cliff. (Its amazing how much more you love and appreciate your spouse when you have kids together. Not that i wasn’t appreciative of him before. hehe. Just saying, its cool to experience life together).

Its now been almost 8 months since my baby was born and she brings an immense joy into our lives. What a character she is! I cannot imagine a life without her and I am utterly grateful to God for gifting her to us. She has definitely changed us and if we had no specific purpose in life before, we sure do now.

Waiting for Santa…

Now onto 2015! So many ideas, so many things I want to accomplish, i am brimming with excitement! I’d like to kick off the new year with a bucket list. I’ve always had a bucket list but this is the first time that i am publicly sharing. I’ve learned that sometimes it is necessary to let others know of your dreams and goals. You just never know who will lend a helping hand and this way I can hold myself accountable as well.

Kimchi’s Bucket List

1. Visit the Grand Canyon – Every time i see pictures of the grand canyon, my desire to go there intensifies. It is just so…majestic!


2. See the Northern Lights. – I’ve had the rare opportunity to see the milky way galaxy in Kenya and it was beautiful. Im sure northern lights would be breathtaking!


3. Visit all 7 continents. Africa, Asia, North America, Europe, South America, Australia, Antartica


4. Go to Disney World – I still have not been to the happiest place on earth! Now that i have a daughter, all the more reason to go!


5. Meet the president of Korea (Park Geun-hye) – I am not a very political person and regardless of what her views are… wow that woman has gone through a lot. I have a lot of respect and admiration for her. Ms President, I want to shake your hand ma’am.


6. Learn photography – Bought my first DSL camera when my baby was born. Now if i can just figure out how to use it…


7. Own my own business – Working progress and taking it one step at a time…


8. Learn to fly an airplane – Something I’ve wanted to do ever since i was a child… i just need to overcome my fear of heights.. lol.


9. Attend a world cup match – How cool would this be?!


10. Meet George Clooney AND his wife Amal Alamuddin – Actually i want to meet the wifey first and then Clooney. She is the definition of HOT – beautiful, smart and successful! Did you know she is also a human rights activist? I’d love to pick her brain. And Clooney because he has been my man crush ever since i watched One Fine Day.

george clooney

11. Do a pullup – Just one pullup. Thats all I ask. If i was to dangle off a cliff, i want to be able to pull myself up. (What is it with me and cliffs? haha…)

Credit: Ben Wiseman

12. Make a difference in someone’s life. – A good reminder that sometimes its not all about me. I’d like to break away from a ME focused mentality that society instills in us. If I can make a profound impact on even one person…I’ve accomplished my goal.


13. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland – Forget the Scandinavian spa in whistler, the blue lagoon is on another level. I want to go here…

blue lagoon

14. Learn ballroom dancing – So beautiful and… expensive. Trying to figure a way to do this without breaking my bank account.



15. Fulfill my fangirl desire to meet Shinhwa (a Kpop group from the 90’s) – As a kpop fan ajumma, how can i not add this one to my bucket list! I will always be a squealing fangirl at heart for my Shinhwa Oppas. (For those not familiar with this group, they would be equivalent to the Backstreet Boys in the 90’s but hotter. Much Hotter. hehe. *Swoooon).

This is a recent photo of them from their comeback with a new album. They are in their mid to late 30’s now but they still got it! #forevershinhwafan


I’ll stop at 15. I have so much more that i want to do and list but this could take a while…As Yoko Ono once said, “I only have one life, so i want to make sure its a good one”. Amen, sista!


C’est la vie!


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