10 Things To Do In Korea

Its been 5 years since I last visited Korea and thanks to an opportunity, I was able to once again visit the motherland!

A lot has definitely changed. Hearing English speakers in the subway is now a common occurrence, plastic surgery advertisements are not as discreet, suggesting the practice a norm and everything has gotten so much more expensive! Nevertheless, its always exciting going to South Korea – the city that never sleeps. I find that I never have enough time to do and eat everything but before I continue rambling, here are some ideas on what you can do if you end up in Korea!




1. Take the Subway.

The Korean subway is a culture of its own. You can find underground shopping stores, art exhibitions, and even street performers located at various subway stations. Each subway station is equipped with their own subway vendors offering food, souvenirs and random products for purchase. Not only is it an effective way to get around the city but it is easy to use and super clean!


2. Eat Korean barbecue!

Where else can you get authentic Korean food but the motherland! Samgyupsal with soju or beer is always a good idea. I checked out Hanam Pork House at Myeongdong and it was amazing!!


3. Eat ChiMaek = Korean Fried Chicken and Beer!

You’ve not experienced Korea until you’ve popped Korean Fried Chicken in your mouth and chugged it down with a glass of cold beer. The best time to eat this is when you order it for delivery at 11 pm because you can! Best thing ever.

MadFry Chicken in Gangnam!


4. Eat everything in Korea

From the street foods to the mom and pop restaurants to the fancy smancy dine ins…whether its dessert, a hearty meal or hangover meals, everything is so damn good! The country is a foodies paradise.


5. Get your hair did (done!)

Feel like a kpop star and get your hair done! Juno Hair is where I went for a cheap but awesome haircut. Some locals don’t even bother washing their hair at home because they can just walk into these hair shops and get their head shampoo/conditioned, massaged and styled for cheap!


6. Check out Itaewon nightlife

Itaewon is known as the foreigner district. It used to be pretty ghetto with nothing much to do in the neighbourhood but now its revamped as the new Go-To spot in the city. Both locals and foreigners frequent Itaewon for its diversity in authentic ethnic foods and vibrant nightlife. Itaewon back then is definitely not the Itaewon now. Crazy how time transforms.


7. Purchase lots of snacks for your trip back home.

From yogurt jellys, dried squid, and instant noodles.. hoarding these goodies to take back home is cheaper and fills you with so much joy.


8. Shop till you drop.

Whether its face masks, harry potter glasses or random souvenirs to take home, Myeongdong is a good place to start!


7. Go to a Jjimjilbang.

No list is complete without going to a Jimjilbang in Korea. Go get a scrub, open up your pores in the hot HOT sauna and experience what the locals do in these bath houses. I’ve never been but heard that Dragon Hill Spa in Yongsan is a good spot to check out.

Photo Credit: Dragon Hill Spa


8. Check out Themed Cafes just for the heck of it.

Hello Kitty cafes (um, hello kitty fanatics!), Racoon cafes (yes, there are live racoons), Dress cafes (if dressing up as a princess is your dream)…Im sure if you have a thing for something and you google it, you will probably find it in Seoul somewhere. There is even a SHEEP cafe. Thats right… baaaaaaaaa…. These cafe visits will probably make your trip even more memorable!

Photo Credit: lallieperalejo.com


9. Go to the local Korean Market.

NoryangJin Market, Namdaemun Market are a few popular markets that sell local seafood, side dishes, traditional clothes, etc.. The hustle and bustle in these markets are cool to see and experience!

Photo Credit: Tourmatekorea.kr


10. Visit Gyeongbukgong Palace

Whether you are a tourist or feel like doing tourist things, the palace is a cool place to check out. This has been on my To Do list but never have enough time! You can even rent a hanbok (Korean traditional dress) and go for a mini photoshoot within the palace walls. Hows that for a cool experience in Korea?  Note that they are closed on Tuesdays!

photo credit: Stephen Bay

There is so much more to do, to see, to eat but this list is what I ended up doing or wanted to do on my visit to Korea. Happy travels!


Do You Believe In Miracles?

Before I had children, I was never diligent in attending Church nor showing any interest in anything religious. I was always a believer in Christ. I never faltered in my belief but I was never-in-your-face-lets-tell-the-whole-world-about-it either. Funny how much having kids changes you. The one thing that I always wanted to do when i had kids was to teach them about God. Despite my faults, flaws and lack of desire to attend church, I made it a priority to take them to Sunday school every week. That is where they can learn that if mommy and daddy are not around, God is there to protect them. If they are scared, they can pray to God. If they feel helpless and alone, they can rely on God. If nothing else, I wanted them to believe in the real God and that they have nothing to fear. The world is a scary place and as my children continue to grow, I can only shelter them for so long…

I don’t normally share intimate details of my life but what happened today was so mind-blowing, i needed to blog about it.

Today was like any other morning except that i was sick as a dog but still had to tend to my two energetic little runts. I had to sum up every molecule of energy in me to get up and proceed with the day. As I glance around the house, there are toys sprawled out in the living room, dirty dishes left in the sink and last nights dinner left crusted on the kitchen floor. Despite the lack of energy, I took the kids out of the house and headed straight to the playground stopping to get a coffee to go. After letting them play for about an hour or so, it was time to go back home for lunch. Suddenly Aly (my first born) rushes over and exclaims, “Mommy, where is my small blanket?!” I check the stroller to see if she left it there and I don’t see anything. I ask her if she brought it with her and she nods her head fiercely. I tell her its not in the stroller and at that moment she goes into panic mode. Perhaps I shouldn’t have criticized her at that time by telling her its her fault for bringing something so valuable out to the public and that is just a good lesson that she learned. After all she is only 3 and her whole world just collapsed because she lost her beloved small blanky. But I was just too tired, too sick and too cranky as I was also trying to strap her screaming one year old sister back in the stroller to journey back home.  “Thats too bad Aly, lets go home” I told her. My three year old broke down in tears. Sobbing. I immediately felt terrible. After all, she’s had that blanky since she was born and although it might not be a good thing for kids to be attached to an object, it wasn’t the time to justify or explain such things to her. I picked her up and and said, “Aly, do you want to pray to God to help you find your blanky?” She nodded with tears still dripping down her face. I asked her to repeat the following,

“Dear God,

Please help me find my small blanky. I love it so much. I am sad I lost it. Please help me. In Jesus name I pray.


I could see her desperately muttering out the prayer. I felt a twinge of regret praying about it because after all, how on earth am I going to find it?? (Yes, ME. I didn’t actually think God would find this blanket that could have fallen anywhere in the street) In addition, the little faith that I built for her wrapped pretty in a box might be shattered once she realizes God can’t find her blanket.

Once we got home, I put the kids in the living room and proceeded to cook lunch.

“Mommy!” Aly shouts. “Wheres God?”

That threw me off as I had forgotten about our little prayer.

“Oh, are you still looking for your blanky?”

“Yes, Mommy. Blanky not here. God is not here.”

A wave of sadness overcame me as I tried to explain to Aly that maybe she has to say goodbye to her blanky.

“You said God will find it for me” she said.

Err i did… didn’t I. Crap. What do I do.

At this moment, I thought to myself, I have no faith. At all. And I am trying to teach my daughter to have faith when even I don’t believe it.

Now this sounds really crazy, but a voice maybe my conscience or my train of thought says, “Have a little bit of faith. Don’t be skeptical and call the coffee shop”. It was so ridiculous but I called the coffee shop thinking of course they won’t have it but whatever I’ll just call anyway.

“Hello, umm so sorry to ask you a random question, but do you happen to have an old looking kids blanket……”

The lady cut me off and said, “with stars on it and its white?”


“WHAT?!” I exclaimed. “Yes, yes, yes that one!!!”

I can’t believe it. Honestly, you can’t make this sh*t up. I found Alys blanky… no, God really did find my daughters blanket. It could have been anywhere lost forever but we found it. I arranged to come and pick it up and thanked them for holding on to it.

I quietly went to Aly and said, “Aly if you pray again one more time and ask God, maybe he will find the blanky for you!”

Anyway, and the rest is history…

Life can get so overwhelming sometimes, but when little things like this happen, it makes you want to cast all your sorrows, stresses and burdens to God and let him take care of it. Its not, “Have Faith Little One,” This time its, “Mommy, Have Faith”

Thanks for reading,


Family Day: Summer 2017

Slowly turning into a fob…

You know its been a long time since you last blogged when you don’t remember how to log into your own blogging platform. –.–

Somewhere along the way, i kind of stopped blogging as it was too much effort to try and produce a clean, well written post that was somewhat interesting, humorous and informative. I forgot the reason i started this blog was to just write whatever thoughts popped in my head.. an avenue to vent and share the ups and downs of my life. Writing for me, not for you.

A lot has changed in my life since i started this blog… wow.. 3 years coming up! Happy 3 year thatkimchilife! Time sure does fly… somewhere along the way, i popped two kids, switched careers, started an online business but had to put it on hold to pursue a bigger dream which i can happily say that i have achieved…something I had wanted to do when I was 18 but instead had to go get a degree (which i don’t regret). Funny how life works out. I don’t believe in luck as I believe things and opportunities are placed in your life within God’s timing. I am not lucky. I am blessed and humbled and excited to see where this new opportunity will take us.

As both kids get older, i find that it is getting easier to do more activities with them. Last week, we decided to take them for a bike ride around the seawall. At that time, I thought it was such a brilliant idea! It was a nice sunny day, we live in a beautiful city, and the kids were old enough to sit on bike chairs. Expectation: We each take one kid and enjoy the beautiful water view with the kids as the wind caresses our faces pedaling down the seawall. Reality: We forgot how physically demanding it was  especially with the weight of the kids on each bike. I don’t know about my hubby but I had toddler Z strapped in the front of my bike and all i could think of was trying not fall with her. Forget enjoying the view! My eyes were glued to the road, sweat dripping down my back with my hands grasping firmly on the steering wheel thinking are we almost back to the bike shop?? At one point, I lost control and Z and I plunged down the hill before I stepped on the brakes and saved my child but not myself. I was a bit scraped up and bruised but Z was ok and thats all that mattered. SO, the brilliant idea i had of having a nice family bike ride along the seawall was an epic fail. Perhaps it was because i haven’t ridden a bike in years or having Z strapped in the front threw off the balance but despite it being an unpleasant experience for me, the hubby and the kids seemed to have enjoyed it so i think it was actually a success! My family comes first before my own happiness. Because when they are happy, I am happy. I guess thats what being a mom is…

The Life And Times Of A Stay At Home Mom

My youngest is turning one so we celebrated in style!

They say it would get easier. They say you are lucky to be a stay at home mom. Well, it hasn’t gotten easier and although I am lucky to be able to stay at home to watch my own kids, I also feel like I am slowly losing myself – my personality, my identity and my sanity. At least, when I went back to work after my firstborn, I had “ME” time, was a lot more productive, and could actually drink a cup of coffee in peace. I made myself coffee at 6:30 am this morning and after reheating it three times, I am now drinking it at 2:00 pm while writing my thoughts down on this blog. Sometimes, I don’t get the chance to drink it until 9:00 pm, when both kids are finally in bed at the end of the day. But that also is rare, as my oldest daughter has a tendency to stay up until 11:00 pm. My youngest is way passed the newborn stage but she is still getting up every 3 hours after midnight to feed and wakes up bright and early at 6:00 am on the dot. Every. Single. Day. All the degrees, diplomas and experiences you’ve built for your resume is totally irrelevant now. At least not right now. Because once you become a mother, the only thing important in your life is the well being of your children and your family.

I haven’t blogged in a while as it takes a lot of time, thought and effort. Today, I am blogging, but i am also venting. I need an outlet to release my stress and frustration and putting aside the logistics of how topics, sentences and grammar should be arranged, the following will just be a series of random thoughts that I want to bring to life in writing.

It is rare that I get to enjoy a cup of coffee in silence ever because if one kid is napping, the other is usually up screaming for my attention or destroying the living room with toys that i just finished putting away. Having one kid is hard, but two, especially so close in age… I went into depression. It comes and goes but taking care of them with NO help has not been easy. My heart truly goes out to the mom who lost her life battling PPD. 🙁 This is temporary but how much i understand you…  On a positive note, two really is better than one. As they get older, watching them interact with each other solidifies my decision of wanting more than one child. They are so adorable together!! Having a sister is so great! And… it ends at two. 😛 (sorry hubby, unless YOU want to give birth and breastfeed another kid).

Pinky and the brain

Having children definitely changes your life. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with two bundles of joy but it has been a struggle holding onto my sanity each day. What is often displayed in social media never depicts the actual life of the individual. Deceiving, yet so addictive.

I do have dreams. I have goals, but trying to achieve them with a baby and a toddler is so hard. I don’t know how these mompreneurs do it! Its challenging as it is trying to keep the house clean (because i cant relax if the house looks like its been hit by a hurricane, hence i am always tense), cook meals to try and save some money (that never works out and we often end up eating take out), trying to stimulate my two kids by taking them to different activities throughout the day (swimming, gymnastics, art class, etc…), trying to revive my social life by making an effort to be thoughtful (which i always fail because i am so forgetful and trying to reach out to any friends that i have left is too much effort as i am exhausted and just want to sleep), making an effort to go to mom groups but the thought of trekking out with these two in the snow is so dreadful (because husband is usually working), hoping to get back to the gym (I have yet to step foot into one) and the list goes on…

*Tiptoeing to the kids room to check on them*

Both sleeping like angels! Oh, how I love them so. I honestly cant imagine my life without them. They are truly a gift from God as i know in this day and age, there are many who try to have children and are not able to.

making snow angels
dinosaur, dwarf and that star wars robot thing

So, I just realized I sound bipolar. I am not bipolar but kids do that to you.. One day, you just want to throw this mom thing out the window and call it quits and the next, you cant live without your kids because they are the cutest, sweetest, little humans alive. There are also days when I am convinced that taking care of yourself comes first so i push my husband to go training, I push myself to work out, we pump ourselves, saying we are gonna build an empire and then comes two little people crawling and running to you that needs their diaper changed, need to be fed, need to be entertained, need to create lasting memories, and out goes that empire… for the time being.

finally she has her own play makeup instead of wrecking mine.. lol
She now wants everything her sister touches..

*And one is up now… until my next rant*


Korean Beauty Trend: 3D Eyebrow Tattoo


From BB Creams to Lip Tints, South Korea is undoubtedly the leading trend setter when it comes to beauty. What was once the rage in Korea often doesn’t trickle to the North American market until years later. Such is the case with a recent beauty craze known as Microblading. What is a common semi-permanent cosmetic procedure in Korea has recently emerged as the latest fad in North America. Also identified as Korean 3D Eyebrow Tattoo or Eyebrow Embroidery, Microblading is a tattoo technique that mimics eyebrow hairs by using a row of fine needles to fill in your missing brows. The illusion of fine hair strands leaves the brows looking natural and full lasting up to two years.

My brows before and after...wow, what a difference!
My brows before and after…wow, what a difference!

Due to its low maintenance and natural look, Microblading has been a popular choice for many Koreans, including Kpop stars like Girls Generation’s, Hyo Yeon & Tae Yeon. In a bali bali (hurry hurry) culture, it is definitely one less thing to worry about when getting ready in the morning!

photo credit: kpopmap.com

I have to admit that I was quite skeptical at first after hearing horror stories on sharpie looking eyebrow tattoos gone bad but after seeing my sister’s perfectly symmetrical eyebrows done, I had to give it a try! Since flying to Korea wasn’t really an option nor was it within my budget, I set up an appointment with Michelle at Meraki Brow Bar in Vancouver, BC. After seeing her work on instagram and hearing great reviews from her past clients (including my sister), I decided to fully entrust her with my eyebrows.

Not only was Michelle a professional but she was extremely patient and meticulous, erasing, measuring and drawing my brows until I was 100 percent satisfied with the shape before etching semi-permanent ink on them. In the 2.5 hour session, most of the time was spent on perfecting my brows while the application of ink itself only took about 20 minutes.

#wokeuplikethis…. literally!

The result was incredible. Not only did my eyebrows look full and on point but they looked very natural! I had been living under a rock all these years. Why did I not discover this earlier? It would have saved me a lot of time and money spent on quick brow fixes. I used to often wear baseball hats to hide my unkempt barely there eyebrows from the public but after having them filled, I can confidently walk out makeup free! For a busy mama with two small kids, this has been life changing.

Like what you see? Check out Michelle at Meraki Brow Bar and get $50 off your first Microblading session by referencing Esther from ThatKimchiLife! Your welcome. 🙂 (Please note that the discount is only applicable to the first 10 clients booked).

Meraki Brow Bar

Website: www.merakibrowbar.com

Email: merakibrowbar@gmail.com

Contact: 778.288.2686




Things to Do in Seoul: A Brow-Baring Post! (Eyebrow Tattoo) Updated 2016.09

How To Make Korean Side Dishes


Growing up in a Korean household, I never went hungry. There was always some kind of banchan (side dishes) and bab (rice) in the fridge. Some days we would find an assortment of banchan’s that included my favourite, Jangjorim – braised beef soaked in sweet & salty soy sauce and other days it was just kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) and kim (roasted seaweed). As long as there was fresh cooked rice available, the banchans were in the fridge for us to whip out whenever we were hungry. The rice cooker was always on as we had rice with our meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Find it odd to have rice and side dishes for breakfast? In Korea, this is the norm as Koreans like to have a hearty breakfast with their rice, soup and side dishes. Apparently having a cup of coffee and a donut is not as satisfying. Despite growing up abroad, my parents were very traditional and raised us very Korean. (Later on, they loosened up a bit but by then I was over 21!) This meant sending us to the dreaded Korean school every Saturday morning, stressing the importance of the mother tongue and banned the use of English at home. Now that I am older  and “wiser”, I am so grateful that they “forced” us to go. Although my Korean is not perfect, I appreciate that i can somewhat understand, read and write my language. Funny how i am applying the same principle to my kids now. When they are old enough, straight to Korean school they will go! (They will hate me for it, but Im sure they will thank me later as i did with my parents…hehe). Anyway, I wanted to start practicing my banchan skills so that later on my kids (including my husband, the other kid), can also grab banchan from the fridge and feed themselves when they can’t wait for meal times. Less work for this mom, yay!

Unfortunately, my mom is continents away to physically teach me so i had to katalk (korean messenger) to get her recipe instructions as well as google some resources to assist me in this challenge. My moms recipe was catered more for toddler/baby taste buds hence omitting a lot of the msg, sugar, etc.. Since the side dishes will be eaten by myself and hubs and i wanted more flavour, I looked into other cooking websites. There were several that i checked out but I liked the layout and detail oriented instructions at crazykoreancooking the most. You can check out their website here – http://crazykoreancooking.com as I used them for reference.

Keeping her occupied as i cook in peace

Initially, i wanted to make four to five banchans but after cooking up a storm all day, i only produced three. The most time consuming dish was the jangjorim. This seriously took all day just to make one lb of beef flank that will probably be gobbled up by my husband in 15 minutes. —.—; At least it was well appreciated. 🙂


I wont go into too much detail on the recipe and instructions of how to make the three banchans as you can refer to http://crazykoreancooking.com for a step by step breakdown. I must say that I really applaud recipe bloggers! Not only do you have to cook the food that you are blogging about but you have to take pictures of everything – from the ingredients to the step by step process and after you’ve finished cooking, cleaning and placing your dish to look visually appealing, you have to write about the whole process and finally edit your draft! That is a LOT of work. I couldn’t even blog about the banchans i made the day of as i was too exhausted from cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids! Anyway, this is my first attempt at trying these recipes and i am proud to say that they all turned out quite good! Eh-hem, superstar housewife right here. ^.^ (Thank you to my mom and crazykoreancooking for the help as well!)

So the first banchan i made is called Jangjorim – braised beef boiled in sweet & salty soy sauce. My favourite and a popular side dish for many koreans as we love our meat! If you find this side dish at a Korean restaurant then you’ve hit the Lotto because most restaurants don’t usually offer it as it is very time consuming to make.

I bought beef flank for this but you can also use beef brisket. I soaked it in water for about 5 minutes to get some of the red blood out but you can leave it in for longer if you want to completely strip the blood out.


Then i combined green onion, onion, radish, garlic, mirin and beef in a pot of water bringing it to a full boil for about 30 minutes.


In another pot, i combined soy sauce, brown sugar, green chili and garlic and added about 5 cups of the broth from the other pot. Dump the beef in the soy sauce pot and boil in low heat for another 30 minutes.


You can also separately hard boil some eggs and add it to sauce. Shred the beef in small strips and add it back to the sauce. I let the peeled eggs and beef sit in the sauce until it has cooled down.


Tada ~ Your finally product! I put it in a jar and sealed it so i can store it in my fridge for about a week (Either the jar is too big or i should have bought two lbs instead of one).


For more details, you can find the full recipe here – http://crazykoreancooking.com/recipe/braised-beef-jangjorim.

The next banchan i made is called Myulchi Bbokgeum (anchovy stirfry). You will often find this side dish at most Korean restaurants as it is easy and quick to make and rich in calcium. I bought the “jan” myulchi which are tiny anchovies as it is easier for my toddler to eat. You can find the recipe here – http://crazykoreancooking.com/recipe/panfried-anchovies.

finished product!

The last banchan i made is called Gajinamul (steamed eggplant) but i improvised and added cauldiflower for more veggie options so that i can feed my toddler more vegetables in her diet. You can find the recipe here – http://crazykoreancooking.com/recipe/eggplant-gaji-namul.

This is just side dishes…Now, off to cook the main dish! >.<

Making these banchan’s was a lot of work! I don’t know how Korean moms do it. It is definitely easier to just buy premade banchans from Korean grocery stores such as Hmart but having tasted the difference between homemade and store bought, homemade is definitely a lot fresher and you can make more to store away so give it a try! Thanks for reading.




Let Me Take A Selca: Korean Selfie 101

selfieBefore the birth of Selfies, there was Selcas.

Selca is the Korean term for selfie, a shortened version of two words – self & camera – combined together. Similar to the definition of a selfie, it also means to take one’s photo with the intention of posting it on social media. If there is one thing Koreans are extremely good at, it is taking a hellavu great Selca.

photo credit: weheartit.com
photo credit: weheartit.com










Selfies might be a recent global phenomenon that has currently overtaken social media but in Korea, it is a past fad that has been perfected with years of practice. Korea’s obsession with selca’s long started before the birth of Instagram or Facebook, using platforms such as Cyworld (a Korean social networking service) from back in the early 2000’s to showcase one’s face. The practice of displaying one’s selfie for public viewing quickly led to what Koreans have termed an “ulzzang” culture. The word Ulzzang literally translates to “best face”. Basically, individuals would post their selfie on ulzzang communities such as Ulzzang Zone (a popular online forum) for ratings and popularity polls. It is said that some even get scouted to become celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry. It’s no wonder the whole nation is trigger happy.

photo credit: http://leejooyeon.tumblr.com

In Korea, it is not uncommon to see people at public places snapping away in varying angles for a ridiculous amount of time for the perfect selfie. In fact, it is completely the norm and the public is unfazed by what to me seems quite odd and somewhat ego-centric behavior. Similar to how girls will whip out their mirrors in public, be it at a coffee shop or a bus station and spend hours just staring at their face – a culture shock to me as i was not raised in Korea. But as the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”; so when in Korea, do as the Koreans do and unabashedly take that selfie until you get it right! Ain’t nobody judging!

Presenting 7 types of poses that Koreans love to snap for the ultimate selca!

1.The Victory Sign Selca: The infamous V sign is a staple when it comes to taking selcas. As soon as a camera is in sight, whipping out the V is automatic like its second nature.


However, recently it seems they’ve upgraded the V sign and switched it to a heart sign. This hand motion is created by pinching your thumb and index finger together and pivoting the two slightly to form a heart shape as shown below. Apparently its the current rage in Korea!

I heart You!

2. The Puffy Face Selca: The idea of this is to look cute by puffing out your cheeks and enlarging your eyes kind of like a blowfish but its supposed to make you look adorable. This takes some serious skills. Try puffing your face, smiling and at the same time puckering your lips a little? Took a while to get this one down as I kept laughing at how ridiculous I looked.


3. The Pouty Selca: This ones a little tricky and if you don’t do it right you end up looking like a retarded duck. To get that cute pouty look, try saying the word “Blue”. The formation of the word will slightly protrude your bottom lip giving you that desired pout.

I suck at pouting. #selfiefail

4. The Glasses Selca: A selca collection is never complete without a picture with glasses. A trend often set by kpop stars, glasses are worn as an accessory rather than for its aid in vision. Therefore, before you start grabbing your reading/night glasses or whatever’s laying around the house, keep in mind what is trending at the moment. Currently, the craze in Korea are the Harry Potter looking glasses.

These are not Harry Potter Glasses, but close enough..

5. The Ugly Selca: Yes, you read that correctly, the ugly selfie. Koreans will purposely post ugly selfies just to get a reaction. Even the prettiest girls will post hideous selfies of themselves just for fun. So, i tried too. My favourite part of the selfie series! 😛 Flattering much?

well, how YOU doing?

6. The Face-Half-Cut-Off Selca: I never quite understood this one. What is the point of taking a selfie if half your face is gone? Apparently, its supposed to look like art. Either that or its supposed to highlight a facial feature one feels most confident in, be it your forehead, lips or your right eye. My sister actually likes to take these types of selcas, but then again she is an extremely talented artisteI

Do I look artsy?

7. The Wink Selca – This one is probably universally used and not limited to just a Korean thing. You simply just wink, hold the pose and snap! Wink selfies are fun to take as it shows a playful and upbeat side of the individual.


Now that we’ve established the various poses, the next step is to filter filter filter! Ulzzang fanatics swear by it. Filters will either make or break your selca. There are many filter apps that you can download to apply to your picture but the one that i am most familiar with and use besides instagram is called BeautyPlus. The filter i used for the selfies above were from snapchat. Hence, the flawless complexion. No, my skin is not that great, in fact its pretty terrible so i cheated. 😛 For more filter options, you can also check out the following link, http://www.soompi.com/2016/06/21/8-selfie-apps-thats-got-korea-hooked/.

So there it is, I welcome you to the world of Selcas. If you are a selfie virgin, I hope that this will be a good intro and if you are a selfie pro, feel free to comment and let me know what other poses i’ve missed. Happy Snapping!










DIY Cooking: Miyeuk Guk (Seaweed Soup)

Korean Seaweed Soup

Im back!

Wow, its been almost a year since my last blog post. How time flies… so much for keeping up with writing after starting work. I don’t know how other mommy bloggers do it. Juggling work, household chores, a toddler, and a social life (that i barely have); trying to squeeze a blog post has been challenging. Much respect to consistent bloggers. Anyway, a lot has happened since last April and I’m happy to announce that i welcomed another healthy little princess 2 weeks ago! I now have two beautiful little girls that will be best friends for life! I’ve always wanted my daughter to have a sister since i grew up with 3 sisters and I’m happy that my wish has come true because girls really do have more fun!

At 27 weeks i think...
At 27 weeks i think…
37 weeks
taken at 37 weeks and a few days before i went into labour.

So I’m back into the blogging world since i will be on maternity leave for another year! (I love Canada). Its not easy with a newborn and a toddler but I’m hoping to share my experiences and everything in between here at thatkimchilife.com.

After the birth of my second daughter, all i’ve been eating is seaweed soup with brown rice. Not only is it nutritious for the body but quick and easy to make. In Korea, Seaweed soup is a must have for new mothers to help with postpartum recovery. The seaweed is high in Iodine and Calcium and helps detoxify and purify the blood. I personally like the flavour of seaweed soup and with the cold rainy season, its been my go to comfort food. Perhaps it has helped rejuvenate my body as I am not as tired as i was with my first child. Mind you, i still don’t get enough sleep but my milk supply has increased tremendously (they say seaweed soup also helps increase breastmilk supply). I should be happy that i am able to feed my kid breastmilk but oh dear lord, i am constantly dripping with milk (not a sexy picture i know). With my first, i barely had enough milk that i had to supplement with formula; with my second kid, i have too much milk! Is there no happy medium?

Anyway, adding to my DIY cooking series, below is my version of Seaweed soup. Again, i don’t really measure ingredients precisely but i’ve tried my best to guesstimate what i put in for the broth. I recommend a lot of tasting in between to get the right flavour you desire.

Miyeuk Guk (Korean Seaweed Soup)

Duration: 15 – 20 minutes


5-6 cups of water

1/2 lb of beef cubes

1 tsp Minced Garlic

1 tsp Sesame Oil

1 tbls soysauce or soysauce for soup

1 tsp dashida (optional) (korean beef stock)

1/4 cup of Dried Kelp (You can pick this up at any korean grocery store. Looks like this…)

Dried Kelp. You can pick this up at any korean grocery store.



  1. Soak dried kelp in water for 15 minutes or until the seaweed has expanded back to its slippery green form.
  2. Add water, beef cubes, garlic, soy sauce, dashima and sesame oil into pot and turn heat to medium.
  3. Scoop out the seaweed from the water and add to broth.
  4. Once soup is boiling, turn heat to low and let simmer for another 10 minutes.

Dinner is served! I like to have my soup with brown rice and a side of kimchi and fried eggs.

seaweed 2

Simple and easy. Enjoy!


Must See Places In Kenya: Maasai Mara


One word – SAFARI. An african safari is generally a desired bucket list for many and after experiencing it again, I can see why it is so popular. I am happy to say that I helped my husband check this one off his bucket list.  Although I’ve gone on several safaris with my parents in Kenya when i was but a wee little child, I don’t actually remember much nor did I fully appreciate the beauty of it back then. Now returning to Kenya, I wanted to take it all in – Lions, cheetahs, elephants… bring it! (Im happy to say we saw these animals and more!)

hippos and alligators!

IMG_0698 IMG_0704 IMG_3053 IMG_3174 IMG_0862

Headed to Maasai Mara, we booked a one night two day stay at Camp Naibosho (we could have booked for a longer stay but it would have been more expensive and i could not stay away from my baby for more than one night. Despite the fact that she was in good hands with my parents, something about being a mother makes it difficult to part with your offspring). Anyway, Camp Naibosho not only impressed my husband but we were both blown away with the entire experience – from the camps hospitality to the intimate safari, it was amazing.

Below is an overview of our mini adventure.

Initially we had booked our safari through Encounter Mara after hearing great things about the camp. However, due to reconstruction we were moved to a different camp – Camp Naibosho – which has also been rated very high on trip advisor and thus we had no problem with the relocation. We opted for the road transportation from Nairobi to Mara instead of flying to Mara. Although the drive was about 5 hours long compared to a mere 1 hour flight to Mara, it was significantly cheaper so we took that route. Lets just say if I had to do it again, I would pay the extra and fly there. The last two hours on the road was so dusty and bumpy, i thought my head was going to roll off my body from bopping around so much.

the bumpy long, long road


Once we arrived, we were greeted with a cold glass of lemonade and ushered to our tent. So this was not just a tent. It was a luxury tent. Equipped with a flushable toilet, shower head, running tap water and a king sized bed, one might easily forget that they are in the wild … until night falls.

IMG_3078 IMG_3152 IMG_3075 IMG_3076 IMG_3077

Screeching, scratching, roaring, trampling and thrashing noises were all that we heard inside our tent all night long. Forget sleeping. The noise was so terrifying, I just wanted the sun to come up. Wildlife was very real and very close. The only thing dividing us was the thin cloth of nylon that magically shielded us from the wild. After dozing off a couple times, something magical happened. Silence happened. Morning had arrived and the sun was getting ready to rise. Can I get a Good Morning??! I peeked out of our tent to see if any animals were lingering about and wow. (Think Lion King, when the monkey blesses Simba up on the cliff, where the sun is rising and the animals below are bowing. Ok so not like that. There were no animals in sight. Maybe a few gazelles here and there but the way the sunrise hit the savanna was so.. MAJESTIC! Its too bad i didn’t take a picture of it. The picture probably wouldn’t do justice anyway).

morning tea

IMG_0711 IMG_0700 IMG_2942

Anyway going to wrap it up. (sorry, i have to run and take my daughter to swimming class so gotta cut this short) Because we were pressed for time, we decided to pack our breakfast, jumped in our jeep and off we went to finish our safari with our awesome private maasai guide. This guy made sure we were able to see the animals up close and personal. We even got lucky and was able to witness lions eating their breakfast – fresh buffalo meat (that they probably hunted down at night). And of course loitering near the lions for a chance to nibble at left over meat were vultures, jackals, and hyenas… It was pretty cool to witness this in the flesh!

breakfast in the wild

IMG_0857 IMG_0845 IMG_0829 IMG_0747 IMG_0754 IMG_0820 IMG_0724 IMG_3189 IMG_3230 IMG_3070

Forget zoos, If you decide that safari is what you want to do, i highly recommend checking out the following camps. You will not be disappointed. “Life is short, live everyday like its your last.”

Encounter Mara – www.encountermara.com

Camp Naibosho – www.naibosho,asiliaafrica.com

To read about Must Visit Places In Kenya: Lake Naivasha click HERE. Eventually, I’ll blog about Must Visit Places In Kenya: Mombasa when I can. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Carpe Diem!


IMG_0599 2

3 Travel Tips With A Baby

My baby enjoying the beach


I took my baby to Africa. Thats right. We survived a 36 hour journey from Vancouver to Nairobi with two 9 hour flights and an overnight layover in London with our 10 month old daughter! Call me crazy, but it had to be done. Visiting my parents in Kenya, showing my husband and daughter the home and school i grew up in, seeing the beautiful wildlife in Maasai Mara and getting some sunlight at the white sandy beaches in Mombasa was ALL worth it!

However, traveling with a baby is not so easy. Therefore, i’d like to share 3 tips that i hope will help should you decide to travel internationally with your baby. The following advice is just based on my personal experience.


Flying to Mombasa beach!

1. Its better to pay more for comfort and convenience than cheap out and suffer the consequences. When booking our flight to Nairobi, we could have opted for the cheaper airfare at $1000 per person with a less reputable airline. However, this consisted of three layovers at three different cities with several hours in between each stop. This didn’t give us any time to rest or freshen up before catching the next 9 hour flight. It’s already hard enough flying 9 hours at a time twice! After careful consideration, we chose to fly with British Airways (a well known brand) for $1700 per person. In exchange this gave us one layover in london and an overnight stay at a great hotel (which is also an additional cost) to rest and freshen up for our next 9 hour flight to Nairobi the next day. Suffice to say, it was worth every penny.

In London!
Checking out London with my family


2. Plan ahead. Book ahead. Know what to expect! Going to an unfamiliar territory without proper preparation can be disastrous. Although I grew up in Nairobi, I had left 14 years ago and it was probably not the same Nairobi that I once knew. Hotels, transportation and accommodation were all booked prior to landing in Nairobi. I wanted to be prepared. It was me and my husbands first visit to Africa with a baby. To be honest, I was more terrified than excited for the unknown. I mean… it is Africa. Regardless of the fact that it used to be my home, it is a third world country and for that reason alone i had to be prepared for my baby. The following are essential items that I brought with me on this trip and highly recommend should you ever travel to a third world country.

  • Squeezable baby food. Buy enough to last you for your entire trip, factoring your flight duration and layover time
  • Sippy cup or water bottle – baby will need to stay hydrated. I used this thing religiously.
  • Breastmilk – Whether you breastfeed or pump, giving your baby breastmilk helps fight any germs and sickness she may encounter there. Unfortunately i had to pump since my little one refused to breastfeed and oh my lawd, it was a nightmare trying to access clean water to wash and sterilize her 6 bottles and on top of that lugging around my breast pump everywhere i went. So not sexy.
  • Pack and Play – This is a must!! I had the biggest argument with my husband about packing this big thing and shipping it to Kenya. He thought it was ridiculous and an inconvenience but once we got there he was so thankful that I had my way in lugging this giant thing around because you NEED it. At 10 months, this little monkey crawls everywhere! Not only did it help contain her, she was comforted to know that it was her little space -sleeping SO well in it every night. In addition, I was able to put a mosquito net over her playpen everywhere we went (Beware of Malaria! if you are in Africa…)
  • Baby Blanket – Babies are attached to their blanky. This is not an option but a requirement.
  • Hydrasense Nose Sucker – I forget what the real name is. Anyway this thing is GOLD! During the trip my poor darling caught a mild cold and this nose sucker helped enormously when she was all stuffed up. I do caution not to use it too often though only if she cant eat and breath properly, suck those boogers out!
  • Lots of onesies (short and long) – Depending on what country you go to, pack a lot of onesies! For Kenya, the weather was so hot i wish I packed more short sleeve onesies. Dont pack pretty outfits for your kid just for pictures. It is NOT practical. Dont be me. My daughter was so hot, she got very annoyed when I tried to fit her into cute little outfits. She was all about her comfortable cotton onesies which I started running out of and had to hand wash.
  • Diapers – Lots and lots of diapers. Yes it takes up space but it was worth it. On our returning flight, the space that took up diapers was replaced with souvenirs!
  • Baby sunscreen – You need this stuff. Lather your baby in this because the last thing you want is a sunburn and I didn’t want to chance not finding a good solid sunscreen in that country. Bring a hat too.

There’s a lot more to add to this list but that would take me all day to add so I’ve just listed the essentials above that I found extremely handy.

She’s ready to travel
At Safari Park Hotel, where you try different types of meat.
Giraffe Park


3. Leave your stroller at home and bring the ERGO baby carrier! If you don’t have an ERGO baby carrier, make sure the one you have is a good sturdy one because you will be carrying your baby EVERYWHERE and you don’t want to end up with a back injury. Lesson learnt – Many countries are not stroller friendly. From London to New York to Nairobi, pushing your stroller around the city is quite inconvenient and challenging. These cities have stairs everywhere, barely any ramps and half working elevators that are scattered in random corners of the buildings. In addition, swarms of people are not very empathetic to your gigantic stroller that hogs the space of three people. Bringing your stroller will be more of an Inconvenience than a convenience. You’ve been warned.

Relaxing with my baby girl
Checking out Safari Park Hotel


There you have it. After experiencing a journey to the other side of the world with a 10 month old baby, I conclude by saying that traveling with my baby wasn’t such a nightmare. It wasn’t easy but with patience, careful preparation, and a solid partner aka hubby and baby daddy, it was doable and definitely worth it. Dont let fear hold you back from experiencing life.

Beautiful beach in Mombasa
Lake Naivasha with pelicans and hippos
Safari at Maasai Mara.

Happy traveling folks!